Dirty Data

2016,   9min3sec,   digital video with live performance and live data visualization

Dirty Data science fictionalizes everyday systems that place an individual in a hall of two way mirrors, the other side of which lies an unknown spectator. Pre-recorded video influences live performance which in turn generates data for experimental visualization. Drone video, biometrics, virtual reality, facial tracking, and a cardboard box collide in one apparatus built to dissect Caleb Foss’ head and soil the data inside.

Experimental Selections, Blowup Film Festival, Chicago, IL, 2016

Experimental Shorts, Southern Colorado Film Festival, Alamosa, CO, 2016

Live Performance, Cinesonika, Muncie, IN, 2016

Amator 02, Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, CA, 2016

Egresswasm, Chase Public, Cincinnati, OH, 2016